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I am a ridiculous human being. My mind never stops racing, like ever. It is very exhausting. Creating music is my outlet, my freedom, my center, my voice, my emotional toilet, my escape, my bliss, it is the only thing that shuts my mind up and focuses it at the same time. If any of my music offends you in any way I am sorry, I really am, I just want to spread love and creativity and I meant no harm, I am just expressing random thoughts that zip and fly by my brain, also just don't listen to it a second time. I hope I made you smile. I hope I made you dance. I hope I made you forget whatever pain you're going through even if it was just for a couple of minutes, remember if you can get through two minutes you can get through another baby steps. I felt like I've been taking baby steps the whole way, I've been making little big moves. At some point I dove really deep and entered a different world. There I started slanging hit after hit and I almost starting living for the pressure. It wasn't until I realized who I truly was, a bipolar love addict,  that I gained the confidence I needed to take it to the next level. I wanted to change my message to let's all help each other build a better world. Instead of throwing fists throw dance moves. Walk up to a stranger and ask wanna dance? Be weird. For the love of God be as weird as you can, but not in like a way too weird way you know, be like weird in a cute way, no judgment, just be you still be weird but like you know follow societal norms you know don't be like needing witness protection weird you know like be I like this anime weird I mean you don't have to just like anime you know what I am saying. Don't like hurt anyone with your weirdness, yeah that's it be you be original be creative but don't like hurt anyone with you weirdness like don't like collect celebrities garbage weird but you you can have dolls of them and stuff, I mean, not like sex dolls of them or anything. I mean does like, where is the gray area there? Ok I don't want to think about it that's not the weird I mean you can't be, look I am not trying to kink shame you here. Be you, whatever that means, whatever you want to be called we all need to respect that. I am serious.  I don't know how I got on this topic. I am sorry.  Be kind to all life, including yourself. give yourself a break every once and a while. Do you boo boo. Like as long as you doing you boo boo means being nice and kind to all living things. I am not saying you can't like eat whatever you want to eat, but like, I don't know, personally I just don't eat, ya know what I am not going to go there. I don't know how we got there either. What was I talking about? What is this oh a disclaimer. Ok I am sorry for whatever you don't like about me. Like I tried ok, I tried ok. Every motha, ya know what wooooosaaaawww. Ok I am deeply sorry for everything. Ya ok. Sorry I offended you with my creativity, now I sound like such ass. Oh my gawd. Ok look. I am not trying to be rude here, I don't know what you want from me. I am a good person, I think I am. I know I did some messed up stuff in my twenties but I never like physically hurt anyone or stole anything, I wasn't like mean to anyone either. geesh. What is going on. Oh right.


You the listening public might find something chance the closer creates as offensive, chance the closer does not express the true beliefs of the person who created him, he is not the dancing man you see before you, he is a replicant, so you can't like I don't even want to say the word, just be nice to this little replicant crazy man child, because he is very emotionally like a pretty big wuss.